Nowhere Director: Liam Underwood Producer: KT Kent This music video is captivating in its blend of grit and magic.

But You Look So Good

But You Look So Good Director: Marina Ziolwoksi Producer: KT Kent, Phillipe Gomel But You Look So Good is a short film by director Marina Ziolwoksi. It won the Audience Award at the Paris Film Festival in 2018.

American Nightmare

American Nightmare Devastating FilmA devastating 6 minute film about the separation of families at the US/Mexican border due to the zero tolerance policy.Website: by American Nightmare Film on Sunday, August 5, 2018 Director: Jesus Nebot Producer: KT Kent American Nightmare is a political PSA whose purpose is to bridge the empathetic gap that exists [...]

Lancer Hydrating Oil

Lancer Hydrating Oil Director: Christopher Ardell Producer: KT Kent This 60s spot was one of a series of spots made for Lancer, a high-end skincare brand famous in Beverly Hills.

One Foot Out The Door

One Foot Out The Door Director: KT Kent Producer: KT Kent This music video tells a carnal tale of the carnival, one of unrequited love and the desperation it ignites.

All The Stage’s A World

All The Stage's A World Director: KT Kent Producer: KT Kent A quirky short film about an ex-Google developer who is so down on his luck that he's forced to become a wedding planner.


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